Physical Assessments

In order to determine your fitness level, a proper physical assessment must be done first by a regulated healthcare professional.  We at OLM Physiotherapy are trained and are regulated by the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario.

We complete a detailed Physiotherapy assessment using state of the art physical, functional and evidenced-based measures to determine your level of fitness and strength.  Following the one hour assessment, we at OLM Physiotherapy will provide an individualized exercise program that is tailored to your fitness and recreational goals.  

We at OLM Physiotherapy are keen to provide the best program for your health and fit into your lifestyle routines.



Fitness Programs

We at OLM Physiotherapy are trained to provide a comprehensive Physiotherapy assessment and following this assessment, a individualized fitness program will be designed.  

Fitness programs are available for all ages, for any sports enthusiast and those that are aging gracefully.  These programs address the typical aging process and the include functional activities that are necessary to maintain optimal health and fitness.  

All programs will designed by a regulated healthcare professional and will be covered by most extended health benefits plan.


Medical Legal Expert

We at OLM Physiotherapy have been providing expert medical legal report writing to various law firms across Ontario.  Our team have been trained with the Canadian Certified Life Care Planning Program (CCLCP) and have maintained yearly continuing educational units (CEU) above and beyond the CCLCP requirements.  We at OLM Physiotherapy provide comprehensive Life Care Plan (LCP) otherwise known as Future Care Cost (FCC) reports for the top Ontario Personal Injury Law Firms.  

Our reports are completed by Registered Physiotherapists and Vocational Specialists.  Our reports are reviewed by rigorous edits by Professors and medical editorial specialists.  Our FCC reports use a database of the list of costs and source lists across Ontario.  We at OLM Physiotherapy use various current outcome measures to provide objective data for individual's subjective opinions of their physical, social, emotional, financial and pain as it relates to the accident-related injuries.  In addition to this, we at OLM Physiotherapy use a comprehensive Physiotherapy and functional assessment, analyze their functional abilities as it relates to Activities of Daily Living (ADL) and use components of Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) as necessary.  The scientific rigour of our reports continues to stand out as one the of most thorough and comprehensive FCC report in the field. 

Our team recently acquired a Certified Vocational Rehabilitation Professional (CVRP) and we are excited to add this component to the FCC comprehensive report.

Our team now offers vocational assessment, rehabilitation, counselling and planning in the medical legal field of practice. 



Corporate Physiotherapy

We at OLM Physiotherapy have over 20 years of experience in clinical practice. We have a plethoria of experience in the corporate world completing ergonomic assessments, physiotherapy assessments exercise prescription and public and motivational speaking.  We are excited to provide expert guidance to promote health and wellness in the corporate world.  It is important to support the employee to maximize productivity and minimize disability in the workplace.  It is known that a happy employee is a hard-working and loyal employee.  The evidence shows that the costs associated with work related injuries is high and devastating for companies.  We at OLM Physiotherapy can help minimize these excess dollars spent on disability and promote health and safety in the workplace.

We at OLM Physiotherapy have been trained as Physiotherapists, Vocational Specialists and Occupational and Health and Safety Specialists.  We are a one stop shop to help your company reach it's goals to become one of the top corporations that meet the needs of employees.


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